I’ve finally decided to update my website

On October 19, 2011 by Sharon

Given that the last time I’ve posted something on this site was nearly eight months ago (before I even took on the environment/energy/innovation/Negev reporter job at the Post), I figured it was time to update. For occasionally interesting musings on life as an immigrant to Israel, please continue to check out my blog, Sacred and Insane. And for (almost) all of my articles, other publications and information about me, please check out the tabs above!


One Response to “I’ve finally decided to update my website”

  • hi sharon, i did read your article today in the jpost, online regarding replacement of old airconditioners.
    as it happens mine has to be replaced as it is at least ten years old and it is very badly rusted, as i live in netanya by the sea. our building is in the midst of a shipputz and so it was taken off and all the rusting finally noted it is not sitting in my apartment.
    i would appreciate getting a phone number of “tornado consumer goods” or to the place to contact, so that i can contact them as no where in your article is it noted.
    your article, very well written, could not have come at a better time, besides my oldie goldie will have to be disposed of properly and it is good to know that that was mentioned.
    thank you for keeping people living here in israel, aware of what is going on. keep it up!
    look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience and wishing you all the best. thelma calman

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