Gazan farmer to ‘Post’: We hope to work together with Israelis ‘as one family’

While considering himself lucky that his home has endured no direct impact from the recent fighting, one Gazan farmer lamented the fact that the region’s agricultural fields had all but turned into a wasteland.

Unlike those of many of his neighbors, the farmer’s home and lands encountered no harm from the air raids or ground incursions that have taken place since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge, he told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday night. Nonetheless, with no electricity or water available, as well as the risks associated with working in an open field, he said he had to all but abandon his crops.

“There is a lot of damage,” he said.

As per the farmer’s request, and in order to protect his security at home, the Post elected to withhold his name and exact location.

Few people have been able to reach their farms to tend to them during the conflict, and harvests this season will only be minimal, he explained. Particularly affected were strawberry nurseries, which suffered from the lack of water, he added.

“This is a bad season for the farmers,” he said.

On the Israeli side of the border, farmers located within the Gaza periphery and other southern towns have also experienced heavy losses due to their widespread inability to work their fields under rocket fire.  Continue reading at…

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