Locals grab laps at Rehovot community pool while they can

Just a month after rocket shrapnel splashed into a Rehovot community center pool, the waters were filled with happy swimmers on Tuesday afternoon.

Halfway through the latest 72-hour cease-fire, the residents of this city on the edge of the South were going about their normal routines.

Among the worst offenses were children throwing beach balls and paddling into a lane designated for serious swimmers.

“Look at how many kids there are,” said one of the lifeguards at the pool.

Still, a sign remained posted outside the community center pool reminding visitors they must seek shelter in the locker rooms should a siren sound.

There may be no sirens in Rehovot during the temporary cease-fire – and there have not been any since moments before the beginning of the previous 72-hour cease-fire, last Tuesday morning – but the residents are hesitant to take too many risks. Along these lines, the lifeguard explained, the three-times-a- week nighttime swim sessions are still canceled, even during the current cease-fire.

“We don’t have anyone to trust,” he told The Jerusalem Post. “They break the cease-fires all the time.”

While a far cry from the seemingly constant rocket-fire endured by the Gazan perimeter communities or Ashkelon, Ashdod and Beersheba, residents of Rehovot – about 50 kilometers north of Gaza – received about two to three sirens daily during the height of the conflict.  Continue reading at JPost.com…

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