National Council approves system to pipeline gas from Israel to Jordan

Despite the uncertainty shrouding Israel’s natural gas reservoir development, the National Council for Planning and Building approved on Tuesday a distribution system that will enable the conveyance of the country’s natural gas to Jordan.

Council members, under the direction of Dr. Shuki Amrani, approved a distribution pathway enabling two gas connections to Jordan – one north of Beit She’an and one south of the Dead Sea, the Interior Ministry said.

Export of natural gas through these two spots allow for a prioritization of safety, operational support and system reliability, according to the ministry.

The routes were approved in accordance with a council directive from December 8, as part of National Master Plan (TAMA) 37-A-1-8, which called for a detailed design plan for transporting gas from the existing Sodom gas station to the Jordanian border.

The National Council’s approval of gas export logistics to Israel’s eastern neighbor comes just  just days after a Jordanian parliament member announced the temporary cessation of gas import negotiations between the two countries.

MP Jamal Gammoh, head of the Lower House Energy Committee, was cited in Jordanian media reports on Saturday as saying that “discussions regarding the Israeli gas-importing agreement are currently suspended.”  Continue reading…

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