Facing eviction, Canaan dog breeder turns to public to recruit relocation funds

For American-Israeli Myrna Shiboleth, preserving the Canaan – the national dog of Israel – and doing so from the dilapidated ruins of Sha’ar Hagai have been nothing short of her raison d’être for the past 46 years.

Now facing a court-ordered eviction following a several- year, government-sponsored lawsuit over land occupancy, Shiboleth is scrambling to crowdfund the relocation of the Sha’ar Hagai Kennel.

While the case has been ongoing since 2011, the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court ruled in favor of the Israel Lands Authority on January 17, requiring the occupants of the area’s buildings to vacate within 90 days.

Shiboleth made aliya from Chicago in 1969 and, soon after, settled in the disputed region, located about 20 km. west of Jerusalem just off of Route 1. Continue reading…

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