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Appearances in the Media

Texas Public Radio's The Source: What you need to know about "forever chemicals"

April 25, 2024: Had an in-depth conversation (24:30 till the end) with David Martin Davies and call-in listeners about the pervasive nature of PFAS and my recent coverage of the compounds for The Hill, with a particular focus on the unique impacts of forever chemicals on women and a nod to our forthcoming book.  

TPR's The SourceWhat you need to know about "forever chemicals" (David Martin Davies)
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WaterLoop Podcast: H2O Minute News

Feb. 28, 2023: Discussed a recent Hill story about the potential for a Arizona-Sonora desalination plant. 

The Hill's Sustainability Imperative:
Event moderator  

April 27, 2022: Interviewed Christoph Gebald of Climeworks as part of The Hill's second annual sustainability forum. 

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MSNBC interview: New Report Reveals Tap Water Contamination Impacting Millions of Americans

November 7, 2021: Television interview on MSNBC's "Yasmin Vossoughian Reports" about an Environmental Working Group report that digs into America's drinking water contamination.

Five Questions for the Fellows

February 12, 2020: Interview with Sharon Udasin at the Center for Environmental Journalism, University of Colorado Boulder


i24News interview about COP21

December 1, 2015: Interview on i24News's “Morning Edition” show about COP21, with a particular look at Israel's participation.

BBC World on Haifa's eco struggles

May 21, 2015: Participation in the BBC World Service’s “Business Matters” on the environmental battles overtaking Haifa – hosted by Roger Hearing   


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i24News interview about Paris agreement exit

June 1, 2017: Television interview on i24News’s “Daily Dose” show (at 4:00 minutes) about Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.

i24News interview about natural gas

August 13, 2015: Television interview on i24News's "Economy" show about Israel's natural gas compromise, from about minutes 10:15-15:40.

i24News interview about water scarcity

March 16, 2014: Interview on i24News's “Bloggers” show about water scarcity and the specific challenges Israel is facing.

JPostTV on trilateral agreement

December 11, 2013: Television interview on JPostTV about the new IL-JO-PA trilateral water agreement (minute 3:00)

Al Jazeera on cross-border water pact

December 10, 2013: Television interview on Al Jazeera’s Inside Story about the new IL-JO-PA trilateral water agreement (throughout)

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